Our Story

A question for you ….

Have you ever walked around a high-end store and actually felt the materials luxury brands use? Ignore you're attachment to the brands through their celeb owners, large fashion houses or marketing campaigns, actually take the material between two finger’s and felt the garment for what it is….. well that’s how we started…

An Ex-Skater Kid although now in my 40s, I adored some of the designer hoody brands and urban street wear that classed themselves as “Luxury” brands but after spending £150 plus on a single hoodie from some of these companies, I was disheartened by the poor quality of the end product, even though they were demanding such a high price.

I also felt that the designs were always a-bit safe with no real commitment to the art, just their brand names in different colours or patterns. And we are paying a premium to display this on ourselves?

So one day after going into one of the luxury stores and actually feeling the materials these brands use, I thought I can create catchy diverse designs using high quality materials, but at much more affordable prices, that feel as soft and comfy as they did the day you got them after wash after wash.

So here we are….  Guarded Apparel